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Official Community on Facebook

If you want to stay on top of all news, product updates, things we’re working on, etc, joining the facebook community is definitely a must! This is also a great resource to seek support, ask opinions to other users, and share ideas.

The community is about much more than product support, though. This is where Rat Rig developers get to interact with their users, hear from them, understand their wants and needs, and define future product strategy in response to their feedback.

It’s also the place where more advanced users share mods they’ve made to their machines to better suit their needs and preferences - and this is often a great source of inspiration, both to other users and to the Rat Rig team itself.

Rat Rig 3D Printers are not the brainchild of Rat Rig in isolation. Instead, they are the result of a continuous and tight-knit feedback loop between users and developers. Join us and take part of this beautiful process that has been building on top of itself for many years and throughout many product iterations!

Beta/Dev Team

If you’re passionate and knowledgeable about 3D Printing, you may be interested to learn that our Beta/Development Team is mostly made of users who at some point in time bought one of our printers and got involved in the community. Active and knowledgeable members who passionately contribute to the community don’t go by unnoticed, and will sometimes be invited to join the team. If this is something that gets you excited, come and join us, connecting is always the first step on the Rat Rig journey!

Beta/Dev users not only get to influence product strategy and design decisions, but also benefit from several awesome perks, like early access to products and discounted prices on all orders. Above everything else, they get to participate in extremely nerdy debates with like-minded people, and witness how those debates materialize over time in products who will be enjoyed by many people.

Rat Rig 3D Printer Community

Unofficial Community on Discord

This community is run exclusively by Rat Rig users, there’s no interference/moderation/monitoring by Rat Rig. Make sure you keep checking official sources too, to ensure you always have access to the most accurate/updated information.

Even though this is an unofficial community, over time we’ve found that this is one of the best resources for users seeking technical support. There are many knowledgeable and super helpful members on the server, and their response time is usually much shorter than what Rat Rig can provide as a company.

The discord server is also the primary place to discuss and participate in the ongoing EVA development and testing.

Rat Rig Community [Unofficial]


V-Core 3 users (including a couple of prominent youtubers in the 3D printing space) have been customizing their machines and designing some really cool accessories, jigs and upgrades in the process!

Some ideas have drawn considerable attention and interest, and we're very fortunate as a community that their creators are openly sharing their designs, for everyone to use. In the true spirit of the open-source movement, the hive mind has already taken hold of the project and started the never-ending process of continuous improvement - nothing could make us more excited than witnessing this!

Below we offer a tutorial for users to submit their contributions so they can be reviewed by our team and added directly to the main V-Core 3 Repository, on GitHub.

We invite all existing and future contributors to use this process, so we can have everything in the same place, for everyone's benefit!

Thank you to all contributors for inspiring the community! We're excited to see what everyone else will come up with!

What about you? Do you have any special plans for your machine? 🙂