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Files and Printing

Source files

STL, STEP and DXF files are neatly organized in the project repository on GitHub, navigate to project repository to access the files. Alternatively you can download the whole project in a ZIP package here.


CAD models for all machine sizes are made available via the RatRig Fusion 360 online viewer.

Size Configuration
300x300 Without Enclosure With Enclosure
400x400 Without Enclosure With Enclosure
500x500 Without Enclosure With Enclosure

Printing instructions

Setting Value
Perimeters 4 x 0.45mm
Layer height 0.2 - 0.3 mm
Infill 25%
Supports None

Designer notes

The parts are in general quite forgiving but also quite big. If you suffer from drafts and/or poor bed adhesion you may need brims/rafts for parts like the bed arms.

On the 360 view bellow you will find the print orientation for the essential parts.

Sacrificial layers

When slicing the files you will notice that some of the holes are covered. This is intentional, to simplify the printing process - those layers are there to trick the slicer into building a bridge there. Once printed those need to be poked out with a screw, screwdriver, Allen key or even a matching size screw.