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Detlev Rackow, a member of Rat Rig's Beta/Dev team, provides SuperSlicer profiles for the V-Core 3 when running RatOS. As of version 2.3.57 these profiles are not included with SuperSlicer, and must be installed manually, but are planned to be intergrated in a future version.

Obtaining SuperSlicer

SuperSlicer is a free and open-source project. It can be obtained directly from their GitHub repository

Installing the profiles in versions v2.3.57 and below

The following video shows how to manually obtain and install the profiles on SuperSlicer v2.3.57 and below:

Configuring SuperSlicer for the V-Core 3

Please read

Although the video shows configuring SuperSlicer for the V-Minion, the process is identical for the V-Core 3. Simply choose the appropriate V-Core 3 profile for your machine size, instead of choosing the V-Minion.

The following video gives an overview on configuring SuperSlicer to connect with your V-Core 3: