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Teaching tech

Michael from Teaching Tech made a series of videos on his V-Core 3 build:

  • Build volume: 300x300x300
  • Main Board: SKR Pro 1.2
  • Firmware: Klipper
  • EVA: Orbiter and V6

Michael's build is all about pushing the machine to its limits, and will be particularly appreciated by power users who are more experienced/advanced.

Teaching Tech V-Core 3 Youtube Playlist


Adam from Vector3D live streamed his entire V-Core 3 build, from unboxing to first print:

  • Build volume: 300x300x300
  • Main Board: Duet 3 Mini 5+
  • Firmware: RepRap Firmware
  • EVA: BMG-M and V6

Adam built the Default Configuration of the V-Core 3, which is our recommended configuration for users who are looking for convenience, user friendliness and ease of set-up.

Vector 3D V-Core 3 Youtube Playlist